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Tilt and Turn Windows

Create light and space with Tilt and Turn Windows from Zenith Staybrite



At Zenith Staybrite, you'll find a complete range of tilt and turn windows to fit any situation.

  • Unique design can create light and space and make a beautiful focal point from both inside and outside your home. 
  • Dual opening action, tilt inwards for ventilation or turn fully inwards for easy cleaning.
  • Can be made to much larger sizes than conventional windows, great for lighting up the home.
  • Get the best of both worlds with the latest double glazing technology and PVCu frames, without losing the style or character of your home.
  • Latest security features includes multipoint locking systems, double locking handles and more…
  • Whitehall windows have bright white frames, gaskets and seals for a completely colour co-ordinated look.
  • Woodgrain windows offer the appearance of wood, without the disadvantages. With the colour and raised grain of real wood, they're ideal for traditional homes.
  • Make your choice of window style and then browse the wide selection of colour and glass options to create your own individual look.
  • Save up to 50% on all windows in our Seasonal Sale.

Unlike many other styles of uPVC windows, in particular the tilt and turn, has no outward opening parts, making this type of window a good solid secure option from keeping intruders out.

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