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Natural beauty for your home


Our Cobblestone range allows you to create a distinctive driveway with a beautiful random effect. The wide range of cobblestone finishes, colours and patterns offers endless design options to suit all homes from a country cottage to a chic town house.

  • Cobblestone Original provides a classic, smooth surface, which is particularly effective for using pushchairs and wheels of all types.
  • Cobblestone Rumbled offers a beautiful mix of subtle shades to give a distinctive cobble-style appearance with a rumbled finish. An attractive focal point can be added with a Cobblestone Rumbled circle in Rustic or Autumn shades.
  • Cobblestone Fleck gives a traditional, rustic finish that can add elegance and character to any style of home.
  • Manufactured to the highest standards our blocks are hard-wearing and long-lasting, and provide an excellent slip-resistant surface, which is ideal for sloping driveways.
  • Expertly designed and installed by our professional team who take extra care and precision to give you a beautiful brickweave driveway that will stay looking good year after year.
  • Make your choice of colour and pattern and then browse the wide selection of landscaping and features to create the right look for your home.
  • Save up to 25% on all brickweave drives in our Seasonal Sale.

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