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Finding and Fixing a Garage Door Problem

Do you have an electrically operated garage door problem? Chances are, your malfunctioning garage door has multiple problems; however, with the information below, you should be able to find and fix your problem quickly.

The first thing you should do is look for an obvious problem. Is there something in the way of the garage door such as a basketball or gardening equipment? In the winter, all snow should be removed from near the garage door as that can prevent the door from closing. Most modern doors have a motion sensor that makes the door reverse direction when an object is detected in its path. You should also make sure that your opener has batteries that are charged and that no wires seem to be loose.

Next, if you cannot find an obvious problem, get out a screwdriver or hammer and tighten all screws and/or nails. Over the years, the act of opening and closing again and again can loosen screws or nails so the first thing you want to do, especially if your problem is heavy vibration and shaking, is to tighten everything down. You also want to look at the door tracks and make sure that they are securely bolted to the ceiling. You should also look for rust on cables, springs, and other parts of the garage door. Rust may be a sign that that part of the door could soon snap. This is very, very dangerous, and quite possibly fatal, so preventative action by replacing rusted parts is key.

You also want to check all pulleys and rollers as these are two of the most common malfunctioning parts of the garage door. There are usually four pulleys on the garage door, two mounted in a stationary position on the frame above either side of the garage door frame, and two movable pulleys attached to the springs on either side of the door. You have to take the spring tension off the pulleys by opening the door completely until the spring starts to drops down. Pulleys need replacement when they wobble and don’t move side to side smoothly. Rollers are the wheels on the shaft that roll on the door tracks. A visual inspection should be enough to make sure that the rollers are not rusted or twisted out of shape.

If you have still not found the problem or are otherwise uncomfortable with handling a garage door, then you need to hire a licensed expert.