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25 January 2007

Conservatory Plants

Conservatories make great additions to your home in terms of living space; however, these rooms are also great as “indoor gardens” to grow plants. Due to the nature of a conservatory, temperatures are high during the summer months and because the plant is not exposed to the harsh conditions of the winter months, it will be able to live throughout the year. Hence, a conservatory is a perfect place to create a “mini garden”. One of the major issues with a conservatory however, is whether or not the room will get too hot for the plant. Thus, you need to make sure that you do your research and ensure that your plant will grow properly in a conservatory environment. Some plants, such as orange trees, do not do very well in conservatories because temperatures can get so high that the plant dies off.

There is also the risk that the conservatory may get too cold during winter and in this case, it’s strongly suggested that you look into the windows you are using and to make sure that they are insulated via double glazing (our conservatories come with this option by default). You could also bring in external light and heat sources when it gets very cold at night (though this will decrease the savings on the heating bill that double glazing gives you) or remove the plant and place it in a more hospitable environment if the temperature drops too low.

Like with any other plants, plants that are grown in a conservatory need watering and you need to make sure to pay attention to that, as the hotter a room gets, in general the more water the plant needs (unless of course the plant is made for hot, dry climates). Pruning plants is also an issue so it’s suggested that you only try to prune plants at the end of a given season and only after all the fruit and/or flowers have fully bloomed and developed. This allows the plant to fully recover and grow again properly the next season. You must also take into consideration the size of the pot you are using, as if the plant becomes too big it can become cumbersome to move about, depending on the size of the conservatory.

A conservatory is a great place to grow a plant due to the control you have over the internal environment thanks to blinds, air-conditioning, etc, and plants are a brilliant way to bring some natural colour into the room.
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