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Zenith Staybrite Home Improvements Declaration

At Zenith Staybrite we strive to offer our valued customers exceptional value on our top quality products and an ongoing customer service which is second to none.

Our Zenith Staybrite Declaration clearly states our mission to provide the highest standards of service, delivered reliably every time:

  • To give outstanding customer satisfaction.

  • To look after our customers and their homes with the utmost care and dedication.

  • To answer all our customers' questions rapidly and politely, keeping them informed and updated throughout the whole ordering process.

  • To direct our full commitment and expertise into every order we receive, regardless of size or cost.

  • To fit our products to our own exacting standards every time, and to maintain them without charge for the full 10 years of the warranty period.

Expert service, reliably delivered every time.

Environmental Policy

Zenith Staybrite installs home improvement products and recognises that its activities impact on the environment in a number of ways.

Zenith Staybrite will ensure that good environmental practices are fully integrated into its management and strategic planning systems.

Zenith Staybrite will work continuously to achieve best current practice related to the environment. It will manage its resources to save energy, reduce wastage, promote recycling and avoid any damage to the environment. It will as a minimum comply with all current Environmental legislation.

Zenith Staybrite will work with its suppliers, wherever possible, to reduce adverse environmental consequences associated with goods supplied. It will answer questions from all interested parties relating to the environmental impact of its products and processes, in a clear and accurate way.

Zenith Staybrite will train, advise and encourage all its employees to fulfil their individual environmental responsibilities.


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