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Heat control

Glazing & Heat Control

 Low 'E' reflective insulating glazing  Anti-sun tinted solar shielding glazing

  • Reflects heat back into the conservatory reducing energy consumption
  • Particularly suitable for Northern climates or locations where there is less sunshine and internal heating is necessary

Antisun tinted solar shielding glazing

North or East (colder) vs South or West (Hotter)

  • Protects against the sun by increasing the thermal absorption within the material, thereby keeping the conservatory interior cooler. Deflects up to 50% of heat build up
  • Particularly effective in South facing locations, Southern counties or for conservatories that receive a lot of direct sunlight

Thermally insulated polycarbonate sheeting

 Thermally insulated polycarbonate sheeting - standard  Thermally insulated polycarbonate sheeting with heatguard


Available in:

  • Clear - fully transparent
  • Opal - virtually opague, provides privacy
  • Bronze - blends well with woodgrain finishes
  • Bronze and Opal - combines external bronze finish with internal opal finish

Heatguard - deflects up to 50% of heat build up.

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