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'A' rated window or 'A' rated installation?

Don't believe the hype about 'A' rated windows and the miniscule savings they give over a 'B' rated product.

You will pay at least an extra £100 for each 'A' rated window to save just 40p a year. Why pay a £100 surcharge to power your shower for half an hour, when how it's installed makes a much greater difference.

More than half of all domestic energy is used to heat space

With 25% of the energy you buy to heat your home being lost through either single glazed, or thermally inefficient early double glazed windows, investing in Zenith Staybrite's EcoTherm™ window and our unique installation method represents the best possible value between energy saving and cost.

It's amazing how something so small can have such an impact on the look and feel of your home

The Zenith Staybrite EcoTherm™ Sealed Unit allows useful solar gain to be retained inside the property - helping you to save money by reducing energy costs, and also reducing CO2 emissions.

Cutting edge insulation

Super Spacer is 950 times less conductive than aluminium and, as most of the heat loss through a window occurs at the edge of the unit, standard metal spacer bars act as a thermal energy drain allowing heat to escape from your home. Super Spacer blocks this escape route.