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Zenith Staybrite Reviews

Double glazing is often perceived to be an industry with lots of complaints, poor customer service, misleading prices and a sell hard attitude. Here at Zenith Staybrite we have always strived to produce high quality products coupled with a high level of customer satisfaction.

With more than 40 years of experience, and operating in 35 counties across the UK, Zenith Staybrite has been well positioned to get feedback about the double glazing industry and our reputation, but to address it and steer our company towards the ultimate goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Recently, we found that 97% of our customers love the job we did for them, and we have been collecting reviews, references and feedback for us to improve, and to provide references for our work.

There’s never time for complacency, but these references from customers who took the time to write, are a great reminder of the quality work our design and fitting teams do across the UK for our customers.

Customer Reviews.
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Some of our customers' reviews

"The quality of Zenith's windows is undoubtedly the best we have ever seen and the way they have been fitted is exceptional."
The Saunders Family, Basildon

"We were overwhelmed by the tremendous quality of the product"
The Brown Family, Ealing

"Zenith have certainly kept their promise, I get all the benefits you’d expect as a result of buying the best available..."
The Thornton Family, Milton Keynes

"I am very happy with our new Zenith Staybrite door, especially as its maintenance free."
The King Family, Walton-On-Thames

"Zenith Staybrite have provided the perfect solution"
The Cleghorn Family, Bristol

"Zenith Staybrite have a security system on their windows and doors second to none."
The Clarke Family, Horsham

"We are both very pleased that we have had Zenith products fitted, they were obviously too secure for the intruders who did not gain entry."
The Ryan Family, Portsmouth

"We had all our windows and doors replaced by Zenith Staybrite and we were very satisfied with the result."
The Wythe Family, Birmingham

For further references please contact our office, and if you are looking to see examples of our work, we have photographed many projects and have showhomes across the country.

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*Based on a independently audited survey submitted to 3216 customers. The survey ran from January 2011 until April 2011 with a 70% return rate.

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