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Energy Conscious and Energy Saving Products – from Zenith Staybrite Windows

Whenever Zenith Staybrite supply or install any of our home improvement products we recognise that it has an impact upon the environment in many ways.

From the sourcing of our recyclable UPVC window frames to the new Zenith Staybrite EcoTherm™, the EcoBright low iron and low-emissivity glass we use, to "Super Spacer"; Zenith Staybrite ensure that good environmental practices are fully integrated all through our company.

Zenith Staybrite has spent years working with its suppliers, wherever possible, in order to reduce any adverse environmental consequences associated with the goods supplied, the methods of installation and the disposal of any off-cuts and packaging.

This is an on-going policy and we continue to train and encourage all members of our team to fulfill their individual environmental responsibilities and to be aware of our individual and collective green footprint.

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