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Zenith Staybrite Showhomes

Zenith Staybrite's unique "Showhome" Promotion is a great way to give you the chance of getting up to £3,000 off the retail value of a conservatory or garden room or up to an incredible £2,500 off Zenith double glazing, doors, roofline products; indeed any of the Zenith Staybrite home improvement products.

This is not the classic "now you see it, now you don't" scheme – every month we have genuine winners.

Zenith showhome winners

In May 2011, Mr & Mrs Neat of Kenilworth wanted vertical sliding sash windows to reinstate the appearance of their home to its original glory. 

In April 2011, Mr Gilbert of Hampshire had all white georgian EcoTherm windows and doors fitted with our 'A' rated installation method.

In March 2011, Mrs Ramage of Surrey had her 23 year old PVCu windows replaced with our all white highly secure energy efficient ones.

In November 2010, Mr & Mrs Hill of Lymington in Hampshire received a free remote controlled garage door as part of their driveway order.

In October 2010, Mr Tayler of Lichfield, an existing customer, upgraded his older windows and doors to our MK. 10 Energy Saver Plus range. He received a refund of £2,500.

In September 2010, Mrs Burchall of Luton and Mr & Mrs Crouch of Salisbury received refunds of £1,250 each. Both benefited from the removal of asbestos as part of their replacement fascias, soffits and bargeboards.

In August 2010, Mr & Mrs Perry changed their windows to our Rosewood on White PVC windows suite. They also received a refund of £2,500.

In July 2010, Mr & Mrs Fernandes and Ms Dunlop shared the £2,500 prize fund between them. They both had their metal framed, single glazed bay windows replaced by our MK. 10 Energy Saver Plus ones.

In June 2010, Mr. And Mrs. Gregg from Ipswich won a massive £2,500 discount on the installation of their new Zenith Staybrite Energy Saver Plus windows.

In May 2010, and in conjunction with Real Homes magazine, our Zenith "Showhome" winners were Clare Schofield and Adam Tregaskis who won a special prize of £5,000 worth of Zenith replacement windows, absolutely FREE.

April saw "Showhome" winners Mr. Riley from Hockley in Essex gaining a £1,500 refund from his replacement garage roof and also Mrs. Kiernan of Thamesmead winning £1,000 worth of Zenith Staybrite Roofline products.

Why have a "Showhome" promotion?

The promotion simply enables us to cut our advertising costs and offer our customers huge savings on their home improvement products.

We still need show homes across the country, so take advantage of the scheme and you could save too.

Why not take part in our revolutionary ‘Showhome' promotion and join Mr and Mrs Hill in Hampshire who received a fee replacement remote controlled garage door with their driveway order, or even benefit from a partial refund.

To find out more and take advantage of this fantastic scheme, contact one of our consultants.

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*Based on a independently audited survey submitted to 3216 customers. The survey ran from January 2011 until April 2011 with a 70% return rate.