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Up and Over - Remote Control

Zenith Staybrite's fantastic range of up and over garage doors are ideal for remote control operation.

  • Offers increased security, convenience and an element of luxury to your garage and your home.
  • The electric operator has a smooth DC motor with 'Soft Start & Stop' for improved safety and less noise when opening and closing.
  • A superb auto-reverse feature on the door retracts if a person or object is detected in the way.
  • It features the Smart Entry System and energy saving circuitry.
  • An anti-thief 'backdrive' feature provides further protection and security.
  • You don't have to get cold or wet on those winter nights as you won't have to leave your car.
  • A built-in courtesy light operates every time the door is opened.
Convenience and an element of luxury for your garage
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Customer Feedback

"I am very happy with our new Zenith Staybrite door, especially as its maintenance free."
The King Family, Walton-On-Thames